Monday, July 25, 2011

And the story goes...

To shed this skin be born again it starts with an ending
So thank you friends for the time we shared
My love stays with you like sunlight and air
I truly wish I could keep hanging around here
But my joy is covering me. Soon I will disappear..." 
~Method Acting, Bright Eyes 

That's right ya'll I'm leaving or should I say I've left. I just feel done with this blog. It doesn't feel like me anymore. However, if you care about how I plan to lose 35 more pounds or just want to see cute pics of my toddler picking blue berries please click here!  

P.S. I still read everyone's blogs. I just got a new comp this weekend (my screen fell off my old laptop LOL). Anyway, guess that's it.

<33333 Kim

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Not Dead

I have been a bad blogger lately but the weather has been so gorgeous and I'm working non stop so there has just been no time. It's also busy season so I'm going to be working late now. I also have been toying with the idea of starting a new blog. I just don't feel so happy with this one kinda like it's not reflective of me anymore.

Aside from all that I've been running around like a mad woman on my days off getting things together for Easter. I took Little Man to see the bunny at the mall last week. The pic is sooo cute. I even found a cute pastel frame to put it in cuz I love it THAT much. Then I got him a few new sippy cups, a shovel, a rake, a watering can, and a bucket from the dollar bins at target. I have to go back and get him a chocolate bunny, the little tikes lawnmower, and a mini magic doodle. Then I will be done. I wanted to fill his basket with things he can use to play with outside since the weather has warmed up. Oh...and I also have to get him an outfit to wear to church with his grandma. (I'm not a big religious person and I volunteered to work that morning anyway).

Also I am super addicted to fashion. Before I got pregnant with Little Man, I was hot, skinny (LOL) and loved shopping and putting together outfits. Then I had him and gained soo much weight I dreaded going shopping but now I am pleased to say I'm back to my pre prego weight and I have been hitting the stores like MAD. I have also been back to reading all the fashion blogs and browsing chictopia. It's super fun! Maybe one day I'll even be a little daring and post an outfit on here.

Anyway I hope everyone has been doing wonderful and I am going to try and catch up on everyone's blogs tonight!!!

<3 Kim

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Who knew that this would FINALLY melt away 
That's All Covering Our Mailbox

And leave us with this. 

After Toddler

The beginnings of spring. 


I NEED THIS! By the end of the week WE WILL have this DVD. I randomly have thoughts about this. Weird? Probably. For some reason I have really vivid memories of this from when I was a child. It just stuck with me especially the Chicken Soup With Rice song. Sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice!!! My preschool teacher had this on VHS over 20 years ago and I remember being so in love with it. The fact that I still remember the song to Chicken Soup and Mickey floating around naked in the night kitchen. Speaking of that I tried to find a clip from the DVD on youtube and stumbled upon this video. I don't remember Mickey hanging all out there like that LOL...oh and HI apparently I'm immature so don't mind me.

<3 Kim

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Current Obsessions

1) Floral Prints - Fun, girly, and remind me of spring...which has been teasing us lately.

2) Braids - I've been wearing random braids in all different places in my hair. I love it.

3) Skinny belts - Despite what M says, skinny belts are in. He's ridiculous he says the girls down there wear big thick patent leather belts in crazy colors. These same people also wear baby phat...NO WORDS. I also do not take fashion advice from people who wear Coogi. Sorry.

And just for reference
4) Boyfriend Blazers - I especially love the ones at H&M. Some people wear jeans and t-shirts at work. Some people wear business casual, some people go all out and have on suits. Some days I like to be in the middle so I throw on a boyfriend blazer, with skinny jeans and pumps. I instantly feel more professional and not like I just woke up and moozied on in.

5) Baked Sweet Potato w/ BBQ Baked beans -
it sounds strange but TRUST me it's sooo good. Eat it with a side salad or roasted veggies mmmmm!

6) Words with Friends - Ok, I used to play this game all the time w/ my BFF but now that it's on Droid too Little Man's father invited me to play and it's just fun beating his ass. Reminds me of when we first started dating and he met my family and we all played Scrabble and HE WON by spelling no words but adding S or ED to the ends of all our words.

That is pretty much it for now.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ramblings of a Working Girl

I am alive...barely. I have nothing to blog about. Every time something comes to my mind I'm too tired to log onto the computer. My brain is fried. It's been so long since I've done the 9-5 (in this case 8-4) and it's a struggle everyday. I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. I am evil in the morning and am thankful for two things 1) my Keurig 2) the office is 5 miles from home. If I had to wake up earlier and deal with traffic on the highway I'd lose my mind. Aside from that things are well. It's nice being able to interact with adults and have grown up conversations. It's nice being able to dress up. I also get paid this week so that's wonderful and today I worked a half day which is why I'm blogging.

So yeah, nothing really else going on except OMG I feel so much better about life. I loved staying at home with my Little Man but working makes me feel like my old self. Jamming to music in the car, wearing huge shades, and sipping coffee, shopping LOTS OF SHOPPING, wearing cute outfits, being able to write things on the calendar besides playgroups and pedi appointments, . It's a nice change.

Lastly, I got on the scale today. I haven't been weighing myself or working out I'm too tired. But I plan on starting again since it's getting nice plus I get so jealous when I'm at work and see all the runners outside running during their lunch break. I AM TWO POUNDS AWAY from my PRE PREGNANCY WEIGHT!!!! That means I've lost a total of 17 pounds since January and a whopping 64 pounds altogether!!!

This puts me 17 pounds away from my goal weight and after that I could lose 20-25 pounds but it isn't that big of a deal anymore for me to weigh the same as I did my first day of college, especially because according to the BMI chart I'd be a point or so away from underweight since I'm tall (5'8). And lets face it I'm not trying to be a super model so who cares. 

<3 Kim

Friday, March 25, 2011

Feelin' Pretty Friday

It's been awhile since I've done a Feelin' Pretty Friday. Don't worry I haven't gone back to being frumpy but I have been REALLY busy lately with work stuff, traveling, finding daycare, etc.


This week I'm feeling pretty because of John's Baby Lotion. I rarely use their products on my son (we love California Baby) but I did get some Johnson's stuff at my shower and kept it. This winter has been AWFUL to my skin unlike any winter I've gone through. No matter what lotion I tried nothing worked except Eucerin but that stuff takes 20 minutes to rub in and when you have a kid you definitely don't have 20 minutes to be rubbing lotion into one spot. That's where Johnson's comes in. I stumbled upon a bottle while I was cleaning my closet and decided to give it a try after my shower. I was in love my skin was instantly smoother and felt soft to the touch all day. Seriously, it was like baby skin and it lasted until my next shower! Plus it smells good and rubs in fast. I definitely needed this since the weather has been warming up and the layers are coming off.

Oh, and let me just say the baby oil gel is amazing too. I used to use it in college to make my legs glow when I was wearing SUPER SUPER SUPER short skirts!

<3 Kim
Have a great weekend everyone!